The objective in gravity exploration is to associate variations in measured gravity with differences in the distribution of densities in the subsurface, which correspond to different rock types. Differences in rock densities produce small changes in the Earth's gravitational field that can be detected by a gravimeter. In the study area, the contrast in density between Cenozoic deposits and pre-Cenozoic basement produces distinctive gravity anomalies. These anomalies can be used both to determine the thickness of Cenozoic deposits and to infer the structure and geometry of the basement. . This study applies geophysical methods for the identification and contouring of rich fluid strata, landslide failure surfaces of old dumps from the mining industry, as well as in other geohazard areas..

API GEOPHYSICAL specialty as a company is the application of structural Colombian geology to exploration and production problems we have many man-years of experience Geoelectrical

Our experience as seismic interpreters means that not only can we prepare data to our clients' specification,we can also prepare and test:



• Workstations dual Screen.

• Contouring : Surfer for Windows.

•TERRA PLUS Burris Gravity Meter™ with UltraGrav™ Control System.

• Gravity & Magnetics Modeling Magix Plus & Magix XL.

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